Oct 22 2008

Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Creatives.. more from Moodle Moot 08

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notes from the Moodle Moot 08 e-Learning Conference…

The Keynote from Professor Erica McWilliam, Assistant Dean (Research), Faculty of Education, QUT. Was so inspiring that I had to do two blog posts about it.

Here’s the first part of this post, with the engaging presentation linked in there for you to have a look through…

And here are some of the notes I took…

Teaching & Learning

  • Promote Peer-to-Peer feedback. Kids give great (honest) feedback to each other. These days, kids get rewarded for their first attempts at any task (this needs to change), because of this, they can’t accept negative feedback from elders. So using tools to promote peer-to-peer feedback is a really good idea!
  • Promote errors - we need to make errors to learn or we will become a very ignorant society. Help students fail without shame.
  • Balance - Too little or too much computing is NOT good learning, there needs to be a balance.
  • Create self managing learners – In a more temporary environment, learners need to be able to assemble and edit their learning world. With technology everything is editable/ temporary.
  • Passive teaching is bad. Don’t teach rope learning, don’t care about the answer, care about the learning. Our highest achievers aren’t always our best learners!
  • Team work – The value of a networked community must be explored. Typically, kids hate group work. So, we need to explain the advantages of group work clearly, i.e.
    • A group of bike riders go faster than one
    • A Flock of birds fly high than one
    • Systemic randomness
    • Small groups working together look like one large group (bio-teams)

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  • Diversification – We need to build on our capacity to employ ‘co-habitate’ with people that aren’t like us
  • Clear role definitions
  • Incubate roles – everyone is good at one thing, utilise this in your teams
  • Brokering – Across ‘structural’ roles, making connections between departments, student groups etc

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The future

  • Let Go! - There’s too much information out there, we don’t need to know it all. We need to get experience, involvement in the communities based around our chosen field sooner. Let go of old ideas. Scientists don’t need to know the entire periodic table by heart before they are released into the science community, yet we still insist that they do.
  • There is always room for improvement – we may master the functionality of things, but there’s always room for improvement aesthetically.
  • Build Learning Communities - link people in powerful ways
  • Find comfort in being ignorant, things are moving so fast, we can’t know everything. The place for ‘knowers’ is Noah’s Ark!

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High Flying Learning Environments

    • Connective and Diverse
    • Co-Intervention/ Creation and Separation
    • Leading and Following

How do we get there?

    • Enhancing constraints and removal of inhibitors (creating better guidelines)
    • Recognise that low percentile groups ‘flock’ together (and consequently give and get bad/ negative advice from each other)
    • Connect low percentiles with ‘high flyers’ (online systems give us fast and accurate access to this type of information, like we’ve never had before. We can now see who’s disengaged and needs help and intervene earlier. As an educator, this is your opportunity to use your skills.
    • Creativity is now measurable, we need to model creative dispositions

The Creative Workforce

If you want to know more about Professor Erica McWilliam, you can read about her here.

or here….

She also has published a book titled, ‘The Creative Workforce’, which you can order here.

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