Moodle from a Students Perspective

notes from the Moodle Moot 08 e-Learning Conference

The final presentation I attended at the Moodle Moot was presented by a couple of year 12 students. This was an extremely well prepared presentation, for which the two students had made a short movie interviewing other students for their feedback.

Here’s what the students said about Moodle;

  • Let us customise our environment, we liked having the ability to change the themes ourselves, it engages us, we want more themes! Finally, some choice for us!”
  • We love having continuous access to support from our teachers in this environment
  • We love getting instant feedback from the Moodle quizzes
  • We sense the resistance from teachers to tackle new technologies and we feel limited by this
  • Our teachers don’t know enough about the capability of these systems, which frustrates us, let us help!
  • We like having extended deadlines (that is, we have up until 11.59pm to submit our assessments)
  • Online exams in Moodle had problems, need back-up plan in case the system crashes
  • We loved that our extra curriculum activities were accessible from the Moodle front page (e.g. notice boards, sport areas (courses) with timetables, etc. We felt this added value

… and what they said about Social Networking & learning;

  • We don’t want to use Moodle like a Social Network, we already have the tools for that and we prefer to do that outside of school hours.
  • We don’t want to communicate with teachers in these spaces, we don’t want them to know too much about us
  • The tools we use (Facebook and myspace) have features that allow us to choose our audience (friends) and our own privacy levels
  • We abused the chat functionality, so it got taken away, which was good. It’s back now with strict rules, we don’t bother using it now

… and what they would like to see improved

  • More customisable layouts
  • Access to our school files remotely, through this platform
  • More warnings when there is going to be system downtime/ maintenance
  • Most of our issues are not with Moodle, they are about the fact that the teachers are not able to use the system to its full capability – skill up!
  • Lead by example, be competent with engaging us in this environment and create learning networks for us, or we’re disengaged

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  3. Very cool to see students becoming more active in the learning process. Shame on you teachers for not keeping up with new technology! Teachers need to excel with changing systems as well as students.

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